Total Peripheral Supplies (TPS) offer a vast array of services to help you complete your project. TPS offer a unique installation, augmentation and commissining servcie for equipment. In the telecommunications world, we break this into two categories, inside plant and outside plant. Total Peripheral Supplies place a great emphasis on installing racks of equipment into data centers and telephone exchanges for all of our clients. It is evident that our planning completed before shipment and installation is a important part of the deployment process. We will plan for placement of the new rack, power consumption of the new equipment, optical fibre cabling, copper cabling and distribution of heat within your building.


TPS have a logistics team who will arrange for the rack to be shipped to its location where a TPS installation team will receive and receipt its delivery. Prior to shipment any sensitive devices will be removed from the rack and packaged separately to avoid damage during transit. Once on site, our installation team (who carry all necessary test equipment) will install any devices into the rack and begin installation activities. Once installation services are completed we will produce a 'travel folder' for you. This 'travel folder' will show where the rack has been placed, provide documentation on design, cabling and device operation.



Telephone exchanges

TPS have extensive experience servicing the telecommunications sector and understand how to work with all of the considerations that these locations entail. We will work with your existing power, optical fibre distribution, copper cable distribution and air conditioning requirements and policies. Most equipment that will be installed into a telephone exchange environment operates with -48 VDC power. We understand that this is a specialist requirement of the industry and ensure that all installation teams have experienced electricians on site to work with your power distribution system. TPS have worked in numerous exchange locations, performing installation activities across Australia and have a 100% incident free completion on time record.

Data Centre

Data center

TPS also have experience working within data center's and we understand how to work with the increased security framework required by your clients. We regularly install racks of equipment, power distribution cabling, fibre optic line systems and data cabling into data centers. TPS work within secure environments where businesses, government departments and other organisations keep their most sensitive information and intellectual property, so we understand how important quality is for all of the stakeholders.

Equipment Rack

Site make ready

During the deployment planning stage we complete on-site location audits. This is to ensure that we don't find any 'surprises' that could slow down an installation. Often when completing these audits we discover that 'extra work' is required before installation can commence. We have experience in providing superstructure, air conditioning, power system upgrades and overcoming other challenges that may become apparent during the audit process.


Specialist installations

Not every installation is as straight forward as placing racks into equipment rooms. TPS have experience in working at heights and have qualified staff who can install antennas, satellite dishes and terrerestrial television antennae's. In order to meet safety and quality requirements we also have riggers on staff who are experienced in working at heights. We can also install devices into other locations. When TPS recently worked on a distributed video project we installed equipment at remote locations such as sporting venues, racing tracks, and even motor racing tracks around Australia.