Total Peripheral Supplies (TPS) have a demonstarted ability to successfully manage small, medium and large scale projects. We know that the right mix of planning, monitoring, and controlling can make the difference in completing projects on time, on budget, and with high quality results. Our project managers follow a deployment strategy which encomasses the following key elements;



There is a tendancy for project managers to "short change" the planning stage of a project. To circumvent this risk, our project managers start by defining; project overviews, objectives, scope, assumptions and risks, deployment approach, organisation of roles and responsibilities, seek commitment and endorsement and assemble cost estimates and resource requirements.


Project Workplan

After the project has been defined a project workplan can be created. This will include sections on how issues will be managed, who they will be managed by how to deal with scope change and communication. It is important to be able to manage the project rigorously and proactively and to ensure that the project team and all stakeholders have a common understanding of how the project will be managed.


Manage the workplan and monitor the schedule and budget

Once the project has been planned sufficiently, execution of the work can begin. In theory, since we have agreement on our project definition and since the workplan and project management procedures are in place, the only challenge is to execute the plans and processes correctly. Of course, no project ever proceeds entirely as it was estimated and planned. The challenge is having the rigor and discipline needed to apply your project management skills correctly and proactively. To achieve this we review the workplan or a regular basis, identify activities that have been completed and update the workplan, monitor the budget and track actuals against the trajectory.



After the successful conclusion of the project works, we conduct a review session with all stakeholders and participants to identify any oportunities for improvement, defficiencies in deployment and use this information to improve our next project deployment. In an essance, we call this "continual improvent" We have repeatedly demonstrated the strengths of our project management philisophy by successfully operating and completing projects such as Project Superfast, Broadband Multi Services, Pay TV digitisation, and DOCSIS3 deployment over HFC. Contact TPS today to see how we can help you to successfully complete your projects on time and on budget!