Total Peripheral Supplies (TPS) are regularly required to supply materials to support works performed by our technical workfoces and also work performed by our clients technical staff. We specialise in sourcing and supplying materials, specifically related to our clients requests.

Materials supplied regulary include;


Minature circuit breakers Quad shield coaxial cable (specialist RG59) Terestrial antennae assemblies
Power distribution units Node Cable Assemblies Satellite dish assemblies and LNB's
Electrical cable Nokia Style duo shield cable Smart cards for video
Electrical fittings and terminals BNC style connectors Custom computer servers
Earthing materials (earth bars, electrodes, strips) F Type connectors Dual power, Network switches
Inside plant passives; DC12, DC20, 2Way splitters MCXFP connectors Optical fibre access switches (IRIP)
Outside plant HFC network taps Hardline coaxial cable (QR320, P500, P750) XFP's, SFP's (Single Mode, Multi Mode, ...)
Outside plant directional couplers HFC pin connectors Custom cable assemblies
HFC power supplies (battery backup) HFC Power Block devices, terminators, ... Eauipment racks
Non standby HFC power supplies HFC pin adapters (90deg, housing to housing, ...) Rack mount hardware


TPS own and operate a dedicated Schleuniger Powerstrip automated cable assembly station. Operated by highly skilled, dedicated staff, this equipment is used to produce thousands of custom RF cable assemblies, electrical cable assemblies and data cable assemblies every week. The specifics of each cable set manufactuered are stored in our database, enabling an "easy recall" of precise particulars, enabling production of additional matching cable assemblies in no time!