TPS have completed over 100,000 man hours of incident free field service work. Outside plant work needs to be carried out regularly in the telecommunications and electrical sectors. We have efficient external plant teams who can offer a variety of services in the telecommunications and electrical sectors. We have special expertise working with HFC plant and also have qualified teams who are able to install, test and certify optical fibre circuits in both multimode and more often single mode applications.




Working in all weather conditions

Just because the weather deteriorates does not mean that your network can take a rest. TPS have experience working in all weather conditions, no matter how extreme. We carry a full array of wet weather gear, safety gear and equipment for 'working at heights'

wet weather


We have worked with many different telecommunications and electrical systems "out in the field". Most recently we completed a upgrade for our client Telstra to their existing nation-wide CATV network. Whilst much of this work was completed within a telephone exchange environment it was also necessary to venture into the field and commission optical and electrical equipment to exacting standards.


Other work

Just because 'other work' is required to get the job done on time and budget does not mean we will stop at installation and maintenance. We often fulfill clients requirements by engaging our staff in activities that are considered to be "out of the ordinary". For example during the course of one of our projects our client asked us to manage the upgrade of several thousand CABLE TV amplifiers and commission them to specific requirements. We were able to respond to this request within a matter of weeks and managed to complete this part of their project within one month.


Tunnel Certifications

Not all work is at "head height" and above ground. Because one of our clients has an extensive array of telecommunications infrastructure located under-ground inside a "tunnel network" it has been necessary to certify field staff to work in confined spaces and also to work within a underground tunnel environment. All TPS field staff are now certified to work within confined spaces and underground tunnel networks.