Total Peripheral Supplies (TPS) are specialists in designing, building, testing, commissioning and installing computer and telecommunications equipment racks for the data center or telephone exchange environment. With over 3000 completed builds, we have an extensive range of satisfied customers. We will work with you to develop equipment racks from concept to completion. Ask us how we can help you with your next project, TPS are the specialists in rack construction.




The first step is to meet with our engineering team and develop an elevation drawing. This will show how the equipment is located within the rack taking into consideration power consumption, heat displacement and connectivity issues. Once a elevation drawing has been developed we will construct a prototype rack for you to investigate. After this prototype has been agreed upon, we will develop a electrical schematic which we will use to produce a 'cable cut list' and wiring schematic.


Computer equipment racks

TPS do specialise in building telecommunications and Radio Frequency (RF) equipment racks. However, we also have extensive experience in building computer racks for the data center environment. We have CISCO certified staff on hand at all times and also work with the full range of Nortel products. In addition to this we have also worked with ARRIS routing equipment. Our testing lab gives you access to 3 Phase AC power, -48VDC power, satellite, terrestrial television, CATV fibre, BDSL, Telephone and internet services. This means you can simulate a 'real life' deployment with ease.


Alarms and control

TPS build carrier grade equipment and data center racks. We have extensive experience in designing, constructing and testing alarm management systems within equipment racks. Most recently we have worked with the full suite of Scientific Atlanta ROSA EM monitoring and control systems which allow remote IP based connectivity to your equipment racks from anywhere in the world.



TPS have worked in a diverse range of situations. No matter how quickly you need to deploy or even where you need to deploy we will ensure that we maintain a one hundred percent completion on time record without sacrificing quality at any time. We have quality systems in place that are certified to be compliant with ISO 9001/ISO 9002 standards.



As mentioned TPS have a fully connected Lab environment for you to test and commission equipment racks in. In addition to this we also have a significant amount of test equipment available to utilise. The most recently used equipment includes;

  • Hewlett Packard Spectrum analyzers
  • Hewlett Packard Network analyzers
  • Sunrise Telecom sweep systems and spectrum analyzers
  • Matrix multi frequency signal generators
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer's
  • Fluke DTX-1800 cable analyzers
  • UNAOHM EP 3000 Digital field strength meters