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TPS provide a full drafting and design service for network drawings, rack elevations, floor plans and building layouts. We have an experienced team of drafts people with expertise in the latest drawing formats and coordinate systems.


Because of the extensive work we have already performed on HFC and FTTX systems you can be assured that we can understand existing networks and even new ones that utilise emerging technology like Fibre To The Home or even Fibre To The Node architecture.


CAD Drawing



Most clients store outside plant information (pit & pipe, cable routing, duct occupancy & device location) in Autocad formats. Often we will need to make changes to these drawings to reflect changes in device placement and extensions to existing networks.

When a new rack is installed into a data center or telephone exchange environment we amend floor plan drawings in their native Autocad format to reflect placement of racks, cabling between racks and from distribution frames.

We also have extensive experience in detailing changes to both AC and DC power distribution. Quite often when we amend designs and plans for power distribution we find ways to show our clients how to better utilise their existing distribution systems by making simple and cost effective changes.




Part of the rack construction service entails creating a design for the proto-type rack and then repeating it many times. We initially develop a rack elevation drawing with you so that we can place equipment into the same position with each build. Apart from ensuring that every duplicate rack is identical we ensure that heat distribution is catered for within the rack design itself.

Once equipment is placed within the rack we develop a technical schematic in conjunction with your engineers. This document also becomes part of the 'travel folder' which is sent with the rack to site upon completion.

All of these elevation and schematic drawings are created and maintained in Microsoft Visio. Whilst we can adapt to a customised product you may be using we find that Visio presents the best opportunity for capturing all detail for the equipment being used.

Lode Data

Lode Data


TPS have extensive end to end CATV experience we are specialists at working with all versions of Load Data (the design assistant). This design package is most suited to modeling CATV networks but can also model FTTX networks. Load data lets us model device placement, power consumption and cable selection. It provides "Will Work" testing before you even perform a truck roll which leads to efficient network investment.

TPS use the latest version of Load data but often have a requirement to use older versions because this is the format our clients work with regularly.

Deployed CAP

Component Layout drawings


Our installation teams provide constant service to system operators across Australia. It is quite common to simply install and configure a card in an existing 'shelf' of equipment.

To ensure that the job is done correctly the first time and every time we produce a component layout drawing for every job. Our installation teams use these to confirm that their work is accurate.

Once our teams return to the office we then amend the drawings and database records to reflect the changes that have been made on site.