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CSDP (Coaxial Service Delivery Point) Installation

CSDP (Coaxial Service Delivery Point) Installation

When nbn first deployed their services on the existing Telstra HFC network, their services operated in conjunction with existing Telstra services, this period was referred to as “Joint Use”. So as to enable nbn to safely connect their services and to provide a point of demarcation, TPS constructed and deployed CSDP panels in all ONS (Optical Node Segmentation) racks and RFC (RF Combiner) racks. This was a challenging program to manage, logistically and technically. The CSDP needed to be available prior to nbn intended construction dates and had to work correctly the first time around.

The program commenced in Ocean Reef, Western Australia during April, 2016 and subsequently completed in Reynella on 31/08/2017, causing it to operate throughout a 16 month duration.  The program encompassed a total of 255 network sites and 704 CSDP panel and cable kits. The materials required to construct the kits equated to 9,856 isolators, 4,928 double band-pass filters, 19,712 F Connectors and ~16,700 metres of quad shield RG59 HEC coaxial cable.

So as to complete the deployment in an efficient manor, TPS conducted audits at a multitude of network sites to confirm the rack correct location. TPS continues to maintain a stock of all components which would enable the installation of any additional panels if required and assist with any service restoration efforts required.

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