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DVN drafting standardization project

DVN drafting standardization project

Telstra operate a national Digital Video Network which is used to transport video from outside event broadcast locations, through MMN’s (Minor and Major Multimedia Nodes) across to metropolitan television studios. Eventually the signals are also transported to television transmitter sites such as Dandenong TX Australia. All sections of the networks have drawings which are stored on Telstra various drawing management systems. As the DVN was incrementally developed and expanded over the years, it was found that different sections of networks had drawings which represented items and configurations in different way with alternate symbols. TPS were engaged to review all customer network drawings, confirm accuracy of information against all known database sources and develop a standard nomenclature, attain operational support from the technology stakeholders and to redraft all national drawings. The program was successfully performed, all drawings were standardized and a template for future works was developed.

As a result of this program, Telstra technology managers for the platform engaged TPS to supply and installed/remove temporary ruggedized fibre for sporting events. As such, TPS provided temporary fibre installation and removal services for various sporting event at Winton Raceway, etc.

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