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Next Generation Actives

Next Generation Actives

Since Telstra begun construction of its HFC distribution network in 1995, actives (amplifiers, optical nodes, etc) and passives (taps, directional couplers, power inserters, etc) had been sourced from Philips Magnavox Networks. These devices were very robust, however some ~12 years later the failure rate of these amplifiers was increasing. Up to this point, failed amplifiers were repaired and redeployed.

It was felt that an alternative to repair and replacement was to seek a new model of amplifier, which could “drop” into existing device housings. Initially, TPS were engaged to plan and operate a trial to replace all actives in the Hartwell suburb of Melbourne with more modern Philips and C-Cor branded 862 MHz amplifiers.

Throughout a 3 week trial, TPS successfully replaced and recertified and commissioned all amplifiers in Hartwell. This included site survey works, all logistics movements, approximately 700+ individual amplifier replacements, repair of any pre-existing network defects preventing correct network alignment and proof of performance testing.

As a result of this program, Telstra now had an alternative to repair and eventual replacement of again amplifiers. As an added bonus, the initial amplifiers we deployed allowed passage of 862 MHz of forward bandwidth, coupled with the 862 MHz optical transmission equipment we installed during the RFC upgrades, the network could now pass an additional ~110 MHz of content towards consumers once all actives were replaced.

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