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Telstra Broadband Multi Services

Telstra Broadband Multi Services

TPS single handedly constructed a new RF combining and optical transport infrastructure for Telstra’s national HFC network.

Legacy transmission and RF combining hardware was replaced across ~297 exchanges providing Telstra with a method of combining broadcast, local DOCSIS 1.0 and remote DOCSIS 3.0 signals and then optically transporting them to some 4,400 optical nodes installed in the outside plant environment. The program was challenging as outage work (planned service interruptions) needed to happen outside of normal business hours (typically 12amà6.00AM). To support this complex program, TPS installed approximately 550+ PDU’s, 900+ OCMR (Optical Communication Main Rack) transmission sub-racks, recertified in excess of 10,000 SMOF (Single Mode Optical Fibre) links, recommissioned in excess of 6,000 RF links, manufactured and installed in excess of 70,000 custom coaxial cable assemblies.

The complex program, faultlessly operated between 2005 and 2008. TPS provided all logistical, management and configuration services and collaborated with Telstra internal workforces to effect the project outcome. The program coincidently, replaced legacy AC powered transmission equipment with more modern (and higher frequency capable) high density DC dual corded transmission equipment. Essentially, a modern 5RU (Rack Unit) chassis provided the equivalent capacity of 20 rack units. Once the upgrade had been completed, TPS supplied, installed and configured remote monitoring and control network switches enabling the transmission hardware to be controlled remotely, funneling alarm information back to Telstra’s GOC (Global Operations Centre).

This remote control and alarm capability significantly reduced truck rolls and simplified preventative maintenance visits. This RF combiner platform is in use today, combining Broadcast PayTV, nbn DOCISS3.0/3.1 signals and where applicable, Telstra DOCSIS 3.0 signals.

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