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Telstra Project Superfast – UHSI

(Ultra High Speed Internet)

Telstra Project Superfast

During 2009 Telstra chose to rapidly deploy DOCSIS 3.0 services to 1,000,000 homes across Melbourne. TPS were chosen to project manage, construct, integrate, commission and deploy Cisco uBR’s (Universal Broadband Routers) across 12 disparate Melbourne exchanges, establish RF backhaul optical links to 97 separate RF combiner locations, augment the RF combining capacity and provide Telstra with an operational network in less than 6 months.

In this program, TPS managed logistics for incoming and outgoing materials, constructed, tested and pre-staged in excess of 70 equipment racks, delivered them to footprint and completed successful installation, commissioning and integration into the production network. For this program, TPS embedded project managers into the Telstra business who helped TPS and internal resources collaborate and jointly work together, achieving deployment in a very short time-frame.

TPS provided design services for site acquisition and establishment, coordinated for Telstra to provide inter-exchange fibre capacity, and allocate rack spaces for other workforces to deploy connecting equipment within. TPS manufactured, supplied and installed in excess of 13,000 custom RF cable assemblies for centralized uBR sites and all 96 RF combiner locations.

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