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TPS87381AA Apartment Amplifier

TPS87381AA Apartment Amplifier

HFC utilize amplifiers (LE & GNA) to extend the reach of the network and to provide the service to multiple premises. These amplifiers are typically located in street side pits or installed on power poles and are powered from transforms (LPS’s, Line Power Supplies), located in the street also. However, when HFC network is extended into a MDU (Multiple Dwelling Units) type of property, an amplifier often needs to be installed within the premises on common property. These amplifiers are known as “apartment amplifiers” and under Australian legislation, derive power locally from a standard 240V GPO (General Power Outlet). Initially, when Telstra deployed their HFC network, the manufacturer provided a specially modified local power edition of the LE for this purpose. Unfortunately, this local power LE was no longer available for sale and remining stocks had been exhausted.

Telstra engaged TPS to design, manufacture, test and supply a new apartment amplifier for their network. The amplifier had to be cost effective and meet stringent quality constraints. TPS successfully manufactured and supplied the TPS87381AA, 862 MHz high gain apartment amplifier to Telstra. This amplifier was deployed nationally without fault.

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